We're looking for symbiotic relationship :)

All profits from this little business will go towards the rebuilding, repair and running costs of The Pip.

The Pip is a 1953  gorgeous Wooden Family Cruiser - she doubles as my office.

When I purchased The Pip, in 2014, I was given the impression she was in pretty good shape.

But it turns out she was in desperate need of help.  She had rotten decks and interior below those decks.

So since then, with the help of some amazing people, I have been slowly bringing her back to life.

So by buying stuff from us, you are helping us preserve a little piece of history in the form of a wooden boat

In the process of buying and repairing a wooden boat, I have found it really hard to get good quality parts at fair prices.

If feels like - if it's made for a boat  - it will cost twice or three times as much.

So after a lot of work, searching and researching, I have decided to put some of the products I have found for our boat on this site to sell.

My hope is that it will help others find good quality parts at a fair price to keep their outdoor pursuits alive.


We're just starting at this - please send us some comments on your experience with us or the stuff we have sold you.