• Daly - Deligreen BMS App - control and protect your LiFePO4 pack
  • Daly - Deligreen BMS - control and protect your LiFePO4 pack
  • Daly - Deligreen BMS - control and protect your LiFePO4 pack
  • Daly - Deligreen BMS - control and protect your LiFePO4 pack
  • Daly - Deligreen BMS - control and protect your LiFePO4 pack
  • Free Download - Battery Pack Size and Shape Drawings
  • LiGo Air Space - Prismatic Cell Air Cooling Spacers - Build your own
  • Daly - Deligreen BMS - control and protect your LiFePO4 pack

24V 250A Smart BMS LiFePO4 8s Bluetooth

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Protect your LiFePO4 Pack Investment

Build your own. Simply. Know what you've got.

Connect with the Free App to manage your battery 
BMS = Battery Management System
Get the longest life from your battery pack with this simple controller
Used by SeaStorm Marine on our own Camper Trailer Battery

Choose the model to suit your charge and discharge currents.

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Daly only make Simple, High Quality Battery Management Systems

Using top quality (A-level) protective integrated circuit IC, from the solution of Seiko of Japan.
Uses high voltage resistance, low inner resistance power Mosfet.
IC itself has power balancing function. The circuit is simple and reliable.
Long term short circuit of the load won’t affect the PCB and the battery temperature protection during charging and discharging.
Extremely low power consumption,  less than 50uA.
PCB uses high anti-corrosion, high water resistance, high impedance ESD conformal Coating.

Vastly Superior to prepackaged 12V enclosed batteries with onboard BMS

  • With Prepackaged battery packs...

If one internal component in your whole battery fails... Chuck it out and buy a new one!
Many manufacturers don't tell you what cells they use inside the pack.  How good are they?
They also don't say much about the BMS - battery management system.  How good is it?
They do not cool as easily - be careful using them in hot conditions
Most of them are current limited - they cannot be configured to allow engine starting

  • When building Prismatic

You get to choose the quality of the cells and the BMS
You also get to configure the system to have more control over current limits, charging limits and temperature cutoff points.
Air Cooling can be simply achieved.  For example using cheap computer fans. 
There will be more wires to connect - but it's not rocket science!
If one component fails - it can be replaced

Build your own. Simply. Know what you've got.

Balance the cell voltages so they all work together as a team
Prevent over charging and discharging
High current protection
Low and High Temperature protection

Prismatics Cells make building larger battery systems easy!

  • So much simpler...

Larger cells require less wiring and connections
Easily grouped and connected with high current bolt on busbars
Less cells to manage with a battery management system
Simpler fault finding
Easily add more cells to increase the stored energy of the system

  • See pack drawings for size and shape options under Attachments

How many and what size cells suit me?

100 Ah cells are for smaller spaces and lower capacity requirements.
8 x 3.2V x 100 Ah cells in series give a Nominal 25.6 V, 2560 Wh pack 

Dig Deeper

Please download & carefully read information PDF's in Attachments.

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Data sheet

Weight - Dry (kg)
Discharge Voltage Cutoff (V)
3.00 V (SeaStorm LiFePO4 recommended)
Max Continuous Power (Watts)
6,000 W
Charge Voltage Cuttoff (V)
3.45 V (SeaStorm LiFePO4 recommended)
Max Continuous Discharge Current (A)
250 A
Max Continuous Charge Current (A)
125 A
Operating Temperature Range (°C)
-20 to 70 C
Dimensions (mm)
13 x 23 x 3.2cm



CALB LiFePO4 24V Battery Pack Drawings - many options for building different sized packs!

Download (5.68M)